Importance of Digital Marketing


Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing helps guide companies towards a target audience. Today you can not stay outside the market, marketing specialists must be able to understand what the market says or market environment known as macro environment.
For example; For the hospitality sector, it is of interest to know what customers and travelers say, what their opinions are and what the competition in the sector is doing to attract new guests and retain those who are already repeat customers.
This is how the market and its environment are setting a series of guidelines such as the approximate cost per stay in a 5-star hotel in the summer season, or the price strategies of the airlines in the holiday season, which and how are the best programs of points or rewards that offer attractive benefits, etc.

In other words, digital marketing has been an exchange in the process of planning and executing the development of a product and / or service in which elements such as; the market, the needs, desires and demands of the client, the value of the products and services, the quality, the satisfaction as well as the exchange of transactions and commercial relationships.
In marketing four key elements intervene which are the product, the price, the promotion and distribution in order to create exchanges that meet both individual and organizational objectives.
On the other hand, in marketing and digital marketing, its objectives are not only to maximize sales, in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, a marketing culture within the company must be fostered, focused on offering value to the customer; organizational changes, resource allocation, strategic group analysis and evaluation.


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