What is a Community Manager and what are their main functions in the company


What is a Community Manager and what are their main functions in the company

It is definitely one of the questions that generates the most debate. What is a Community Manager? Its duties? Companies of all sizes already have professional Community Managers in charge of managing their brand on the Internet.

The Community Manager is the professional responsible for building and managing the online community and managing the identity and brand image, creating and maintaining stable relationships and

What is a community manager? Who can be?

Despite what many may think, the community manager, CM or internet community manager, is a very complex profession that brings together multiple skills and abilities. You can acquire them on your own or speed up the process by carrying out a training program for community managers, but the truth is that it is very likely that even if your profile is suitable for this position you should prepare thoroughly if you want to become a true professional community manager.

Surely a good entry profile to become a professional community manager, are those people who already like social networks and have a large dose of empathy, creativity and ingenuity and are very good at establishing relationships on the internet. All this you must complement with knowledge such as:

  • Strategy design
  • Community management
  • Evaluation and management of processes and projects
  • Crisis management
  • Customer Support
  • Tools 2.0
  • Copywriting
  • Web analytics and many others


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