What are industrial communication networks?


What are industrial communication networks?

Industrial communication networks are the backbone of any automation system architecture, providing a powerful medium of data exchange, data controllability, and flexibility to connect multiple devices.

With the use of proprietary digital communication networks in industries, the last decade has improved the accuracy and integrity of the end-to-end digital signal.

In the first place, communication is considered to be the exchange of information between two or more parties. For this, the information is transferred from one third party to another, who receives it, processes it and stores / discards it based on its relevance. When the industrial component is added, one can speak of «industrial communication».

The definition becomes considerably more difficult when the objective, that is, the transmission of data between the devices of a system, is clearly formulated from the beginning. To know what a network and an industrial protocol is, it will be necessary to list the functions of this communication throughout this article, due to its many configurations and variants.

I hope this post helps you solve your doubts and get a better view of this type of communication in the industry.


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