Differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing


Differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is different from digital marketing, in traditional marketing resource management is done in a physical environment while in digital marketing it is not necessary to operate in a physical environment and intermediaries disappear. For example, buying airline tickets where the client can do it directly with the company without having to go, for example to an agency.

We share some traditional marketing strategies for the digital age.

In this way, marketing is divided into two environments: strategic marketing and operational marketing, the first is absolutely fundamental, so much so that if it is not contemplated we will be carrying out operational actions that may or may not be successful.

These environments are clear in traditional marketing, however in terms of digital marketing: if the strategic objectives are not clear, actions will be taken that will not be able to identify the needs of the company, in this way the importance of establishing a clear vision and marketing strategy for the company.

The consumer’s mind has no limits, just like marketing. Digital marketing converges with a more informed customer, who, far from being the recipient, is now the one who produces content echoing the products or services we offer; sharing his experiences with his friends on social networks that are documented with photos, videos, comments, likes or recommendations.

In other words, digital marketing can set guidelines to follow during the purchase decision process and the decisive factors that intervene when a customer makes the same, since it can be one of the most complex analyzes where different elements to take into account intervene.

In addition to the access channel, the navigation and clarity of the site, and the correct segmentation, there are also the influencing factors on consumer behavior that include economic, family and social terms.


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