25 marketing ideas that require research


25 marketing ideas that require research

Do you need new marketing ideas for the success of your business? The marketing process is very much like the laws of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The problem with sales is that there are so many variables that it is difficult to pinpoint where the problem is in order to fix it.

Today we will share with you a list of 25 marketing ideas that you can try to get your sales back to where they need to be.

Marketing ideas to improve your business
This list of marketing strategies may not be enough. You will want to do some marketing research to support the plan you want to implement.

1.- Customer research. While it’s tempting to jump into anything, take the time to ask your customers what’s important to them and what other alternatives they are considering to solve their problems.

Here are some research methods to get to know the market and customers.

2.- It offers different sizes of products at different prices. Experts say that people will buy at prices that are attractive to them (assuming they have a need or interest in your product). Give your customers the opportunity to try and buy.

3.- Add new products. Consider these kinds of marketing ideas as there is a chance that your customers will want something more. Research and check your profit margins before expanding your product lines.

Learn more about research for the development of new products.

4.- Abandon unprofitable products. Profitability is more important than sales. Evaluate your product lines and abandon the ones that are not profitable. Another option is to raise the prices of products that are not profitable.

5.- Group products. McDonald’s is the king of packages. Create a value offering that moves the product with good margins and offers customers more value.

6.- Finding new markets. This is one of my favorite marketing ideas. Look for emerging markets that need your product. Open your mind and ask yourself «what if» or «how» questions to see how to penetrate more profitable markets.

7.- Offer a home delivery or a monthly delivery. Combine a distribution strategy with a subscription model to create repeat sales.

8.- Develop new and more varied uses for your product. Get new ideas about the use of your product, maybe some that you have thought about but not promoted or some that you did not know.

9.- Change the name to attack a new market. If you’re launching into a new market, another marketing idea you can implement is changing the name of your product to better reflect the benefits it brings.

Learn more about the importance of market research.

10.- Try higher and lower prices in different markets. You don’t have to charge the same price in the same market. Different markets have different needs, charge accordingly.

11.- Try different distribution channels. Distribution means being within the reach of your clients and their portfolios. Think about the different ways to do it: email, direct marketing, catalog, direct selling, kiosk mode, etc. The possibilities are endless.

We invite you to learn more about the distribution check.

12.- Experience new sales incentives and commission structures. Sellers invest their efforts where they make the most money. Take a good look at your commission structure and make sure you reward sellers for profitable sales.

13.- Change your way of selling. Don’t assume that your current sales strategy is optimal. Consider using affiliates, catalogs, the Internet, etc.

14.- Adjust your sales process or system. Your sales process may be out of date. Take the time to explore new strategies.

15.- Focus on a lead generation program. Another one of the many marketing ideas is to take a look at conversions and start optimizing them to attract your ideal customer.

16.- Develop a personal monitoring program. Most sales are lost because our tracking systems are bad. Map your sales process and develop a customer tracking system.

We share 4 tools to monitor the customer journey.

17.- Offers a free troubleshooting. Don’t sell and run, help your customers overcome buyer’s remorse by providing help to use and love your product or service.

18.- Build a community of clients / users. Don’t forget the power of social media. Create a customer community using a Facebook or Twitter page, these tools are not just for large companies or consumer groups. If social media isn’t your thing or you need something more professional and effective, create an online customer community.

19.- Establish a recommendation program. Word of mouth is powerful, so create a recommendation system that rewards fans of your company or product.

20.- Use QR codes to direct customers to coupons. Studies show that customers love to get coupons from their mobile devices. Use QR codes to reward them for shopping.

21.- Offers financing or a payment plan. Customers will buy more and spend more if you offer a payment plan. Remember that customers love to buy if they have the possibility to do it in small payments.

22.- Discounts for volume or per package. Reward your customers for buying more items more often.

23.- Establish a client club. Even restaurants can have a customer club. So another marketing idea is to charge a monthly fee to receive coupons, free gifts, and invitations to special events.

24.- Run a contest to win potential customers. Contests create communities and customers. Use powerful social media tools to manage yours. There are even online applications that help you create and manage contests.

25.- Direct marketing for target customers. Select a group of target customers and send them special offers. Take declining sales as a sign that it’s time to switch, and use this list to start seeing a change.

These were some marketing ideas that you can implement in your business and that you can safely implement if you do your research beforehand.

Remember that with QuestionPro survey software you can effectively conduct your studies online so that you can make the right decisions that help your business grow.


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