Post-Covid-19 Marketing Trends


Post-Covid-19 Marketing Trends

Covid-19 has changed the way we live. And marketing has understood it the first time, which is why it has been forced to quickly find a new approach to remain just as relevant and efficient.

The speed of adaptation to changes will be a key aspect to achieve the objectives set. At this time, absolutely all paradigms are being questioned: from the business model, which in many cases will have to be reviewed, to the relationships with customers and employees themselves, whose working conditions will not be the same since the emergence of teleworking and the increasingly frequent use of tools related to artificial intelligence (AI) or robotics, in addition to the logical changes in circulation in the workplace to avoid contagion.

The marketing to come
The health crisis is followed by an economic crisis whose size and duration are still unknown. Studies and estimates of all kinds have placed us in various scenarios regarding the response we can give to this situation.

In all sectors, the percentage of businesses that have closed or will close in the coming months is high. The retention of clients and consumers is right now the main objective with which to end the year to lay the foundations with which to start 2021 in the best conditions.

Offers, discounts, liquidations, promotional packages … all these types of measures will accompany us from here until next January. The objective is none other than to reactivate the wheel of commerce and recover a little enthusiasm for consumption after the depression of confinement.

Special actions
Separate the chaff from the wheat. Or what is the same, promote the really relevant and essential products for a consumer who has lost capacity in the market and who will buy only what he really needs.

Do not be opportunistic, or populist, or easy to tear when posting your messages. Create brand equity and reinforce your reputation by betting on a very effective tool: video (the shorter and more direct the better).

It affects trends that were already on everyone’s lips before the pandemic. AI, data, hyper-personalization or taking care of your customers’ shopping experience should be part of your decalogue of action.

To this must be added logically important changes in logistics and the relationship with customers. If you have parking and you avoid the use of public transport, they will feel more comfortable and safe when going to your business. If the screens or the safety distances provide that pleasant feeling that you are making a purchase in good hygiene conditions, they will also be points that add up. Make sure you get all of this information to them effectively.

Online is imposed
It was something to be expected, although this coup in the form of a virus has only accelerated the deadlines. Online solves it efficiently and safely. According to a study conducted by Evercom, large brands add value to brand marketing, while small and medium-sized companies opt for search marketing.

After analyzing the situation according to the size of the companies and the investment they make, we observe that, while the larger companies distribute the investment in different promotion channels, small companies and micro companies are strongly committed to search marketing ( SEO and SEM) more oriented to direct sales.

What will your strategy be?


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