The current situation in the world, particularly in Colombia, has made large and small companies look for tools that boost the economy in search of strategies for new business opportunities and new markets to overcome the economic crisis.

In the B2B model, it focuses, for example, on marketing between distributors and manufacturers. Their actions are directed at business with the company and not with the final consumer, as is known in this model. B2B businesses have great peculiarities that make their handling quite different from that of consumer products. The relationship with the client is essential in this type of marketing, as well as developing viable business models.

Large companies such as Huawei, FedEx and Microsoft, have managed to position themselves in this type of marketing model with the digital transformation of their business, they have remained constant in the industry based on strategic and innovation processes. They know their customers very well and are constantly looking for new business opportunities, new markets and growth opportunities. They are companies that have a presence in more than 100 countries.

To expand a little more information on this marketing model, learn about its impact, have first-hand tools and tips about B2B, we spoke with the coordinator of the Executive Education B2B Marketing Management program: Gustavo King.
Professor King has extensive experience in strategic marketing plan, strategic business plans, corporate strategic planning, business models and value propositions, as well as in strategic marketing, customer management, KAM and Territory Management.

Why is it important for companies to know about the B2B Marketing model?

Most of the people in marketing have a great tendency towards B2C (for the consumer) marketing, because traditionally we have been consumers of all kinds of products since we were little. The B2B is hardly paid much attention or its management is left to the technical part, without knowing that you really have to generate demand and attract customers to the product or service that the company sells.
At this time, companies can run the risk of focusing only on the operational, of trying to sell, but without generating demand, without knowing the customers very well.
Today it is more important, than in many moments, to have a strategic process to carry out B2B marketing.

Now it is vital because a good generation of demand is needed, to show customers the benefits they obtain from doing business with a certain company, so that there is an interaction between the two parties that is equally productive for both. This is a very important time to do this type of marketing with all the corresponding processes.

What are the main factors that a B2B model must have?

The plan is just one step in a strategic process in which it is necessary to have a solid knowledge of the market, analyze that information to produce important changes in the structure of the economy and in the way of demanding products and customer needs. , which in this case are companies. It is necessary to analyze these changes well, identify the business opportunities that exist, as well as the latent risks and threats.
Based on this situational diagnosis, a strategic B2B marketing plan must be structured that has strategies that respond to the needs of customers, and some tactics that help develop these strategies. Identify KPIs, schedule, specific goals and general objectives. They are great factors when starting a B2B marketing plan.

How can this help the economic reactivation of the country?

A large part of the money that moves in the country is through business between companies because in quantity they are smaller, but in volume they are much larger and the money that interacts there is much larger than the unit purchases made in the B2C.
The management of B2B is great and important, if you work on generating demand and identifying new business opportunities, it will make companies move more and therefore, this will impact the economy in a favorable way because there is a greater amount of working capital.

What tools does a person who is part of the B2B Marketing program acquire?

The main benefit is giving a strategic approach to B2B marketing management. Normally people tend to see a more operational marketing of individual activities with teachers to seek sales, but they do not do it as a strategic process that is nurtured and developed from in-depth knowledge of the market. To the extent that this approach is done, it will be possible to better identify and take advantage of business opportunities. A sale is made by value and not one by price, this

it becomes a much more profitable activity.

A person who attends a program like this acquires tools, methodologies, strategic thinking and tips to identify and take advantage of better opportunities. They learn to structure value propositions, form business models and something very important, they learn to identify how to use technology at this time, to attract and capture customers. We create a whole B2B plan to put it into effective operation.
You must know the customer very well, analyze the market, identify all opportunities, make decisions and evaluate. The marketing process is the same, what happens is that the actors of the program change.

In addition, the people who are part of this program will have the opportunity to interact with managers from different regions of the country and throughout Latin America, which will enrich the conversations and experiences during the development of the training.


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