The importance of information technology in the company


The importance of information technology in the company

Today, computing in the business world is not only important, it is essential. Technology advances by leaps and bounds every day in all areas of our lives, and the workplace was not going to be less. The forecast, in fact, is that it will gain more weight in the medium and long term in all types of sectors and activities. Therefore, you should not underestimate the importance of IT in the company, since it is vital to stand out and compete in a saturated and very competitive market.
The best decision you can make as a company is to stay ahead of the curve and adopt IT and technological innovations that increase your productivity and profitability. The benefits are innumerable and can mean the difference between success and failure or between growth and loss.
We are going to review 7 reasons why computing is so important in the company:

  1. Saves you time and money
    The objective of computing in all its aspects is to simplify and facilitate certain processes. This, in the business world, translates into significant savings in both time and money.
    For example, a management software such as the one we develop and commercialize in Aplimedia allows, thanks to automation, to greatly reduce the time spent on routine and repetitive tasks. From billing, warehouse control, collections and payments, customers, suppliers, etc.
    This time saving has two direct consequences. On the one hand, the cost of performing these tasks is reduced and, on the other, employees have more time to dedicate to other types of tasks more focused on the growth of the company. Therefore, if we look at companies that use computing intelligently and in all possible areas, we will see that their competitive advantage is enormous, since their productivity will be greater and they will also have more resources to focus on growth.
  2. It is essential for success
    Today the importance of computing in the company is such that we could say that it is even essential for success.
    Millions of workers depend on computing to a greater or lesser extent to cope with their daily tasks. But not only that: clients, suppliers, competition, potential clients… They all use the Internet and computers to evaluate you and make decisions.
    Administrative departments need information technology to pay employees or manage collections … Managers to communicate with employees … Without all these tools, companies would be directly unable to take on all the work that, today, they are capable of carrying out .
  3. Break down limits and barriers
    Information technology manages to break down barriers and limits at all levels. It allows you, for example, to be able to coordinate work teams in different geographical points or to be able to attract clients who have never visited our establishment and who are hundreds of kilometers away. With information technology we manage to bridge cultural differences and appeal to potential clients that, in other circumstances, would be out of our reach.
    It is also an excellent help in customer service, because it allows us to assist our customers, solve their doubts and incidents without having to be face to face. Tools such as email, online training or courses, newsletters, blog entries … They all contribute to improving our image with customers and providing a better service.
    The CRM software stands out in this regard, which, broadly speaking, focuses on building customer loyalty and increasing the chances of closing a greater number of sales.
  4. Facilitates team communication
    In addition, computing has an important weight in communication between workers in most companies.
    We refer to direct communication tools such as Skype, WhatsApp or the same email, but also to tools that allow all team members to have access to the same information.
    This is the case of management software, in which, the most common is to work with a single database that is always up-to-date. So if, for example, a colleague enters the program and makes a modification to a data on a client’s file, the next time another colleague accesses it, they will see that updated data. This represents significant savings in time and money as we avoid errors and wasted time from erroneous, duplicate or obsolete information.
  5. Keeps our data safe
    As technological and computing innovations are introduced, new cyber threats appear that grow just as fast. That is why it is very important that our company does not work with obsolete technology or software.
    Working with updated tools allows us to have greater security because they are programmed and updated to be able to face these new threats that arise day by day. Investment in security technology is necessary, whether in your company you are responsible for your data or if you work in the Cloud and it is your provider who is responsible for taking the appropriate security measures.
  1. Increases the attractiveness of companies in the eyes of talented candidates
    The main value of a company resides in its workers. A company is only as good as its workers, they are its most valuable resource and the real difference between a solvent and successful company and one that is hurtling for failure. That is why it is important to know how to make our company attractive to talented candidates.
    The importance of information technology in the company in this sense is relevant because, in the first place, workers expect companies to make advanced technology and information available to them with which they can perform their tasks efficiently.
    But in addition, it can be a motivational element with great potential in many ways. For example, it facilitates collaborative work between team members, allows workers the freedom to work from home if needed, improves communication and reduces stress thanks to better time and meeting management … In short, it makes companies in much more attractive locations with facilities and amenities that attract talent.
  2. It is accessible to all types of companies
    Technology advances day by day. New innovations appear on the market every day and, in addition, they are increasingly accessible to all types of companies of all types of sizes. If your company does not spend time researching what new technologies exist that may be useful to you, chances are that, if you do a quick search, you will realize that you have missed a lot of interesting news for your day to day life.
    The companies that are at the forefront and adopt novel computing technologies and tools are also the most successful companies.

In short, standing out in such a competitive business ecosystem is complicated, hence the importance of IT in the company, since it can be our most powerful ally. It is your best tool to make the most of your business and to stand out in the eyes of your customers in all areas: from customer service, to order preparation, speed of deliveries, quality of service … Do not underestimate its importance and Spend some time reflecting on areas of your business that could be improved by computing.
And if you want to know more about Secre, Aplimedia’s management software for SMEs, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and advise you to find out if it fits with the needs of your business.


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