Black Friday: 10 marketing ideas to get the most out of it


Black Friday: 10 marketing ideas to get the most out of it

What is Black Friday? And Cyber ​​Monday?
Black Friday is a world famous day that is celebrated on the last Friday of November every year, the day after American Thanksgiving. «Black Friday» is the starting signal for Christmas shopping: the craze to find deals for Christmas gifts is unleashed on this day.
It is very likely that the so-called Cyber ​​Monday also sounds to you. This day is celebrated on the Monday after Black Friday, and began to be celebrated in 2005 mainly to encourage sales in digital businesses.
Curiosities about Black Friday
Today, both Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are crucial days for business sales of all kinds. Do you think it is not so bad? Well, with these curiosities you will finish convincing yourself:
A business typically marks its losses in red and profits in black. Hence, “Black Day” receives its name: it is one of the biggest profit days of the year for many, many businesses around the world.
A clothing or technology store is practically obliged to do some special action for Black Friday: they are the protagonists of this day for the customer!
Men are the ones who shop the most on Black Friday. According to data from Black Friday Global, specifically in Spain, they buy an average of 4 products between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and spend an average of € 173 in total.
Black Friday: 10 marketing ideas to get the most out of it

  1. Notify your database
    Don’t wait for Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday to arrive to communicate with your customers. Send an email in advance advising you of the promotions that you can find on the items in your store.
  2. Causes impulsive selling
    Generate a sense of urgency by adding, for example, a countdown to your promotions. Do it both in the promotional emails that you send to your database and on your website. You can create a special landing or banners for the event. And it is that Black Friday and marketing go very hand in hand.
  3. Create a «Gift Guide»
    Creating a «Gift Guide» can be a great idea. For some, Black Friday is a compulsive shopping day, but for many others, this day is the beginning of Christmas shopping, so if you make it easier for them to search, they will be able to buy more and better.
  4. Promote the offers that will be available several weeks before
    Notify or promote well in advance which products will be on sale on Black Friday. You can make a video as a teaser or simply a banner with a landing where the user can find what offers you will have. So that day it will go directly to your website because it will know that it will find what it is looking for there.
  5. A good opportunity to get new subscribers
    Many users can visit your website for the first time on Black Friday. Take advantage of the occasion and suggest that they subscribe to your newsletter. You can tell them that by subscribing they will be able to find all the information related to Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday promotions or other offers during the year.
  6. Create a special Black Friday discount code
    A special discount code for Black Friday is a great idea. Not only because of the feeling you generate in the user, who feels that he is really taking advantage of an offer by putting the code, but also because it will be very easy for you to later analyze the sales of this day.
  7. Include a chatbot
    Including a chatbot on your website with special messages for Black Friday can help generate, even more, that sense of urgency in the purchase. You can promote certain items, promote the discount coupon, mention how much time is left for the offers to end, among other options.
  8. Create a flash offer to generate more urgency
    Everyone knows that what happens on Black Friday stays on Black Friday… However, if you create a flash offer on your page, the feeling that this promotion is now or never helps to generate more sales.
  9. Prepare a retargeting campaign for Cyber ​​Monday
    Your abandoned cart numbers are likely to increase on Black Friday. Try to get them back by doing a retargeting campaign to get those potential sales back on Cyber ​​Monday.
  10. Not everything is discounts on Black Friday
    If you want Black Friday to serve not only to generate more consumerism, you can turn the tables. Do not offer a discount to the users of your page: use these dates to be the one who «gives away». It offers a higher cost that will go to a specific cause, such as an NGO.

Now that you know some marketing techniques for Black Friday, you can surely face this day with good expectations. Prepare your ideas for Black Friday and do not miss the opportunity to multiply your sales: a good preview of the Christmas sales!
Do you have any other ideas for this day? Tell me in the comment section


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