7 tips to make your year-end campaigns a success


7 tips to make your year-end campaigns a success

We do not have to say that the Christmas holidays are much more than December 25. In fact, we have almost two whole months of parties to celebrate. For marketers, this means planning ahead and preparing to design themed campaigns, especially for the new year.
We have put together 7 tips that will help you focus to implement a successful campaign for the end of the year, from its design to the strategy in which it is framed.
7 tips to make your year-end campaigns a success

  1. Think about your campaign strategy
    A very important part of a campaign strategy is deciding how to promote your brand on such important holidays as Christmas, Hannukkah, and New Years. Also, keep in mind that there are other important days for shopping, such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber ​​Monday.
    Once you have defined which of these parties is the one that best suits your company, you should create a campaign appropriate to it that may interest your audience to get them involved and capture their attention.
  2. Don’t just focus on Christmas
    A holiday campaign doesn’t just mean Christmas, nor does it have to be launched in December. Despite their importance, the rest of the holidays that I have mentioned are sometimes forgotten, so I recommend you take them into account as well.
    For example, New Year is a very popular party in which people pay attention to campaigns, consume, give gifts and meet friends, this makes it a very powerful party that only lasts one night, but requires a lot of preparation. . With all these variables, New Year’s campaigns can be created for all companies.
  3. Create offers that have the theme of your parties
    To promote your campaign, you will have to create offers centered around your specific theme. In some cases it may involve discounts for your customers, or content created for the holidays. For example, to celebrate the holidays, we at HubSpot have created these 250 royalty-free photos for you to use with your audience and create the best campaign based on their interests and needs.
    Once you have created the specific offer, it is time to create the campaign with which you are going to promote your offer. There are a variety of tools to help you, such as calls to action, banners, images on social media, etc. All these tools will help you promote your campaign.
  4. Prepare your strategy on social networks
    During the holidays you can perceive that the interest of your audience is much lower than the rest of the year. This is because many people are on vacation or thinking and planning the next vacation. However, despite this, there are things you can do to get the attention of your audience, so do not despair.
    For example, you can make sure that your calendars are planned in advance with all campaigns and initiatives. This will help you write and create content more easily during the holidays. After creating the written content, such as blogs, ebooks, SlideShares, etc., schedule it during the months of November and December. In this way, you will leave everything ready.
    You can’t stop monitoring your social media accounts through your favorite tool to discover and track keywords for the holidays so you can respond quickly and you’ll be at the top of all searches.
  5. Optimize your keywords
    Using PPC (pay per click) in your campaign during these holidays can be very interesting, as it will help you temporarily stimulate visits to your website. To optimize your results, keep the following in mind:
    Think about what time of the day and week the searches for your brand occur on the internet. If you are a B2B company, you will see that your audience is interested during working hours. On the contrary, if you are a B2C, you will see more traffic during the night or on weekends.
    Research what your audience thinks and needs as they search for information during this time. What keywords do they use? Are you looking for gifts for the family? Friends? Last minute gifts? Create an ad with your audience in mind and build it to get their attention.
  6. Consider doing an event
    During the holidays is the best time to plan an event. But before you start shopping for lights and decorations, decide on the exact purpose of your event.
    What goals are you trying to achieve? How will the event help you reach your audience more effectively? Having an event just for having it will not help you achieve anything, you need clear objectives that can be achieved and that make sense with your strategy.
    Creating a face-to-face event to reach a wider audience may be one of your goals. When you do an event, your attendees typically tweet the event’s hashtag. With this hashtag you can promote See other related campaigns, like your offers.
  7. People who attend your event and their contacts on social networks are more likely to see the campaign with the hashtag thanks to the event. So using both physical and online presence, it helps you achieve your goals.
  8. To put this into practice we propose an example. At the event you can give a product – as a detail – to the attendees as well as a station to take photos of you, so people will publish them on social networks with your hashtag. This way you will be using both physical and online presence. With this, you help increase the recognition of your brand since people become curious when they see photos of your brand.
  9. However, we know that doing a face-to-face event in these circumstances seems a bit difficult. Very few people at the beginning of this 2020 would have thought that their routine would take such an unexpected turn.
  10. Today, face-to-face events will have to continue waiting a little longer, but companies and brands cannot sit idly by. 7 out of 10 professionals have transferred their face-to-face event to a virtual platform; including us with our INBOUND2020 event.
  11. A very positive aspect of virtual events is that you can extend the number of attendees you expect. After all, the only thing that those interested require is to set aside their morning or afternoon to connect, prepare a snack or drink of their choice, find their favorite place at home or office and that’s it. There are not so many impediments for them to attend.
  12. Offering an unforgettable digital experience is possible. It’s just a matter of changing your goals a bit and promoting it appropriately. You will see that with this first experience you will be able to promote your company and achieve long-term relationships with new audiences.
  1. Focus on delighting your customers
    During the holidays, most companies have at least one promotional campaign, some have discounts and rebates, others have special occasions just for the holidays. Whatever your company decides to do, delighting your customers has to be your main objective and the greatest of your efforts.
    When you’re planning your campaign goals, think about how to delight your customers, and if you can, show them how grateful your company is to them.


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