3 memorable end-of-the-year campaigns


3 memorable end-of-the-year campaigns

  1. Hjärtat
    Swedish pharmacist Hjärtat launched a New Year’s Eve campaign inviting people to quit smoking as a New Year’s resolution.

It consisted of an animation of a person at a bus stop in Stockholm who began to cough loudly every time he smelled a cigarette. The campaign, whose purpose was to promote healthier lifestyles, took advantage of the dates close to the end of the year and the new year to frame its message.

  1. AirBnB
    The AirBnB company wanted to appeal to the spirit of generosity of its customers to carry out an act of kindness.

The year-end Christmas campaign #OneLessStranger (One Less Stranger) focused on donating $ 1 million to 100,000 of its clients in payments of $ 10 each, in order to motivate them to save an amount that would allow them to carry perform an act of generosity and hospitality with a stranger.

Additionally, the campaign took advantage of the momentum of social media and generated quite a bit of traction.

  1. Kwik Fit
    Although it may seem like a tongue twister, this campaign, devised by the Kwik Fit tire business, took advantage of the end of the year dates to motivate people to commit themselves to acquire healthier habits and lose those «little wheels» as a New Year’s resolution. »Extra.

Called «Fit Kwik,» the campaign starred coach Mikah Simpson, who developed an exercise routine that is easy to do at home, using items such as old tires from Kwik Fit stores.

Let your creativity fly and surprise your audience with your best end-of-the-year campaigns. These dates will certainly be beneficial for your brand and your business.


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