5 Benefits of creating your own business applications


5 Benefits of creating your own business applications

Looking back at the technology sector, we all remember the times when application development was a discipline reserved only for those with knowledge of programming languages.

Although this area of ​​knowledge will always continue to evolve, and will continue to be necessary to create increasingly powerful and efficient software, we are witnessing a new era of information technology in which the creation of applications has been democratized. In fact, its development is no longer exclusively in the hands of the classic software creator profiles.

This scenario raises whether it is really necessary to dive deep into the command of different programming languages ​​to create business applications. Let’s not forget that the process of consulting and developing custom apps has always been relatively expensive, and its execution is naturally reserved for expert analysts and programmers.

However, the benefits of an app for a company are numerous, and in no case should the cost of its development skyrocket. In this sense, not all organizations have the same needs and, therefore, the same budget.

For this reason, Low Code applications are gaining so much prominence: using simple tools, anyone can create an application, avoiding the cost of development and adapting it to the real needs of the company.

Facts about building business applications
Suppose a CEO or CTO asks for the first time «How can I make an app for my business?» From this approach several additional questions will arise, about who will be in charge of the project, what is the app really needed for, and how much will it cost to develop it.

And, of course, it makes sense to make these approaches, in light of some relevant facts about software creation:

For example, more than half (approximately 65%) of companies say that their application development is delayed in some way.
Also, more than a third (approximately 37%) of organizations have yet to adopt digital tools to address their critical processes, and continue to use paper.
Finally, more than two-thirds (approximately 69%) of companies say they are inclined to opt for the development of Low Code applications so as not to miss the train of digital transformation.
What conclusions can be drawn from these data? Obviously, a large part of the companies perceive that their software projects are not delivered within the agreed deadlines.

On the other hand, that the digital divide continues to be a fact. It is surprising that in an age when technology is everywhere, there is still such a lack of adoption of software solutions by organizations.

And, finally, that most companies are aware of the advantages of having an app or business management software to remain competitive in the market.

Benefits for companies that develop their own applications
Time saving
The creation of Low Code applications is, by definition, free of long waiting times. All development is completed within a reasonable time as there are hardly any compatibility problems between platforms. Configuration and commissioning are very simple processes.

Cost savings
As it is not necessary to write lines of code, it does not require resorting to a professional expert in software, nor incorporating it into the template or outsourcing it. After a short training period, any employee may be able to create business applications even if they have no programming skills.

Employees themselves are empowered to solve day-to-day challenges and problems, because they have their own tools to do so. The IT department is seen, to a large extent, relieved of the responsibility of developing applications for the company, because each employee can take responsibility for his own portion.

The use of applications developed within the company allows to gain in productivity. One of the advantages of using the business app is that the long time consumed by manual workflows is noticeably shortened. Therefore, business tasks are optimized.

Multi platform
Faced with the different ways that people have access to the Internet, it is interesting to benefit from the advantages of mobile apps: they are independent of the medium from which the user connects, and their lightness does not penalize the performance of any network or device.


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