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Advantages of using industrial communication networks

The advantage of using industrial communication networks, compared to previous cabling, is easy to analyze: technological advancement saves considerable amounts of money and reduces costs. In addition, communication through industrial units has advantages for functionality. However, the means used in the field of «industrial communication» differ greatly depending on the location. As such, internal office…
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Differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is different from digital marketing, in traditional marketing resource management is done in a physical environment while in digital marketing it is not necessary to operate in a physical environment and intermediaries disappear. For example, buying airline tickets where the client can do it directly with the company without having to go, for…
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Why create digital marketing campaigns?

We can understand that digital marketing is dedicated to promoting consumption for example; of technology resources. When a user has bought a high-end phone that meets his expectations, he suddenly finds an ad about the same company with the latest version of the device, but now with a triple camera; Without ever having a need…
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What are industrial communication networks?

Industrial communication networks are the backbone of any automation system architecture, providing a powerful medium of data exchange, data controllability, and flexibility to connect multiple devices. With the use of proprietary digital communication networks in industries, the last decade has improved the accuracy and integrity of the end-to-end digital signal. In the first place, communication…
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What is a Community Manager and what are their main functions in the company

It is definitely one of the questions that generates the most debate. What is a Community Manager? Its duties? Companies of all sizes already have professional Community Managers in charge of managing their brand on the Internet. The Community Manager is the professional responsible for building and managing the online community and managing the identity…
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Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing helps guide companies towards a target audience. Today you can not stay outside the market, marketing specialists must be able to understand what the market says or market environment known as macro environment.For example; For the hospitality sector, it is of interest to know what customers and travelers say, what their opinions are…
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How important are databases at the business level?

Databases are highly relevant on a personal level, but even more so, on a business level, and are considered one of the greatest contributions that computing has made to companies. At present, any organization worth its salt, no matter how small, must have a Database, but for it to be as effective as it should,…
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